Hi Kids.  It’s June!  I’m wearing white jeans like it was a job requirement, and ketchup stains notwithstanding, it makes me happy.  Our guest last week, Kim France, wrote in a recent blog that she is cursed with spilling her coffee on her summer whites, but proactively carries a stain stick with her.  You can see it at her Girls of a Certain Age.com.  With this job of blogging and podding, you’d be amazed how many hours I need to put it all together.  I used to have a daily radio talk show in which I touted myself as “the best dressed woman in radio.”  Most days I’m the least dressed woman in radio, but considering there are a bajillion podcasts and that many of them originate at home, I’m sure that’s not true.  I come to our studios at The Fieldtv.com, and I assure you, I am fully clothed.


Lisa Grunwald is our guest today.  It amuses me no end that we might not have met had it not been the friendship of my ExhibitC™ with her son.  My daughter kept telling me all the similarities we shared – not the least of which is our name – careers, foreign born fathers - many friends in common. When I wrote to her,  it turns out we even went to the same sleep away camp in the Berkshires – possibly the same summer!  And now Lisa has stealthily written a novel that I read and loved.  Published next week it is called Time After Time.  You can listen to Lisa and me on my podcast - link above - (or on apple podcasts, stitcher, spotify, google play and youtube) , as we chat about her new book and talk about her five things.

Onward to the five things that made my life better this week.


1. Say Something Bunny, the play. I made reservations for this tiny, indy off off off off Broadway show when Meg Wolitzer put it in her top 5.What it is is watching a performer, the marvelous Alison Kobayashi, who in real life had to play archeologist in order to figure out who made 2audio tapes that a friend bought for her at an estate sale. And it’s so much more! There are only 20 seats in the theater and it’s a moving trip through nostalgia and a family you grow to care about.

Alex Trebek.jpg

2. Alex Trebek – I can honestly say, I have spent almost no time in my life consciously thinking about the host of Jeopardy.  I did once have a dream in which I the bride came down the aisle and was surprised and embarrassed to find that he was our officiant, I woke up after saying “What is I Do?”  But now that he’s announced his illness and has brought his huge audience with him as he bravely works during treatment for stage 4 pancreatic cancer, I am only filled with admiration for this guy.  SNL used to parody him and I don’t know what his other accomplishments are other than being handsomely paid to host a game show for years and years.  But his humility and gratitude for the support of his fans has turned me into one too.


3. Bandolier. The good news:  Two of my best friends have been wearing their cellphones like a cross-body bag for years.  At various times they recommended I get one.  They are made by a company called Bandolier.  I never wanted that much equipment, but after a couple of close calls when I almost lost my phone, I decided to try it out.  The bad news:  the Internet kind of figured that out all by itself because one day I started receiving emails and promotions about Bandolier even on Instagram, the app that costs me the most money.  Reader, I think I like it.  It makes the subway hands free.  I also like very much my old holder, which held more cards and tickets than this one, but nothing’s perfect.


4. People who respond to emails in a timely fashion.  That is becoming rare. I even enjoy a rejection email if it comes quickly after the proposal.  It just seems kind and thoughtful. Some big whigs in the media business don’t bother responding at all, whatsoever, ever.  I consider that rude or no very rude.

Graduation 400.jpg

5. Graduation Ceremonies.  I am so touched by all the people I’ve been seeing in New York the last few weeks in mortarboards and gowns, trailed by family members and friends. I think of how hard it is to head off to school some days, when you know you’re going to have a hard day.  You know your classmate is mad at you, or you could have written a better paper, or they’ll be a popup quiz, or a head lice outbreak, or an embarrassment in gym or the locker room.  Every day is challenging.  And then there’s a ceremony to celebrate the end.  I’m tearing up.


And now, Lisa Grunwald’s Five Things:


1.  Coffee.

2.  Treasure Hunts – searching and finding.

3.  Giving presents.

4.  Finite accomplishments.

5.  Upside of the internet – connecting with people.