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Just when I thought I’d have to keep my parka on all year, the weather changed, and so did I. I put that thing in the back of my coat closet, sorted out my cold weather clothes, got strict with myself about what I didn’t need, wear, or like any more (not to mention what didn’t fit). And I gave it all away. I thought about thanking the clothes that had served me well, but let’s face it; didn’t I serve those clothes too? Who should be thanking whom? I wore them; they didn’t wear me. You know who gets my thanks? Doctors, nurses, servicemen and women, police officers, firemen and women, and teachers. They spark gratitude, if not joy. Goodbye old clothes! May they suit another woman and make her happy.



 There’s a 14 second “Hello Gorgeous” clip from Funny Girl on line.


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Simon.  In personal family news, my g g g grandson is out of the hospital and just his mere existence is providing joy to our extended clan.  When I spoke to his mom earlier today I could hear his tiny little coos and grunts, and whispers, and I have to say they are delicious!  These sounds couldn’t be replicated anywhere but in nature.  No instrument or computer can come close.  


2)   Tradition.  We celebrated the baby’s bris this week.  As my longtime friend Elise said to my happy tears, “it’s a tsunami of emotion, isn’t it?” It was and I barely knew what hit me. But let me say this:  we held it at my mother’s apartment, where my brothers and I were raised.  I was so grateful that my mother could witness this milestone.  And tremendously moved by the outpouring of her friends, all of whom had attended my own Exhibit A’s™ bris.  They connected us all back to my dad, whom I miss every day and would have been so proud.  The point of traditions; they link you back to your past.  It was an epic experience for me.  I only wish that #ExhibitB and my brother Norman had been there.

Before, and after

3)   Animals. We capped the night off at a benefit for ANIMAL HAVEN, a great rescue and rehabilitation for pets in New York.  The turnout was huge.  It is clear that people have a large place in their hearts for animals.   I know quite a few individuals who seem to prefer animals to humans.  I would never go that far. I love dogs so much.  I can’t wait until we have another.  

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4)   Via.  This is a car-sharing app that is way cheaper than Uber and Lyft most of the time. It’s even possible to get a private ride.  When I was commuting south and east to the hospital to see the bebe, it was for more affordable to go by Via.  Also, going from upper west side to lower east side took about as long as it takes to get to Kennedy Airport or Greenwich, CT from where I live.  CRAZY.


5)    Jennifer Hudson singing the theme song for the Jeffersons live.  Full of joy and nostalgia and obviously lots of rehearsing and preparation. I am not a Jeffersonsologist, but I think the theme song to that Norman Lear show was prerecorded, as all theme songs were.  I only saw that single clip, introduced by Jimmy Kimmel and Norman Lear, of Jennifer Hudson shimmying and singing her spectacular voice.  It made me happy.  And what about 96 year old Norman Lear?  Am I right?


Have a great week.  Be cool and act natural.

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